Take the quiz below.



You are now an online consumer doing some shopping.

Q. What "example" web site are you most likely to get the best deal from?


1.  google.com   


2.  google.Less


True / False.


You are now visiting the web site you chose above.  Are you more likely to click, shop, buy, view or see the advertising displayed from that network?






You have just witnessed the power behind the  .LESS™ brand.  This "example" is a quick way to show you innovation, competition and consumer choice, plus it points out the "new" extremely valuable shopping, advertising and marketing space! How you keep this prime click space appealing and efficient - Advertising Standards! One can see how this brand could reach or exceed the 2-5 year revenue projections outlined. We offer everything that online consumers want in the new TLD space.

Consumers are guaranteed to get the VERY BEST deals, savings, prices and more by visiting a .LESS™ web site domain!


Some interesting facts about the internet.  


• Did you know the United States alone is expected to reach $327 billion in online sales for 2016?   

• Did you know that by 2020 there will be an estimated $523 billion spent online by the United States alone?


It is not a huge stretch of the imagination to think that ".LESS Website Domains™" could produce and ADD many more Billions of dollars in sales to the economy within 2-5 years.  Our goal is to become one of the highest producing TLD’s ever. Our unique brand has all the built in features and benefits that consumers and marketers are looking for.   

Similar to the same reasons why consumers buy a new car, computer or phone. Not only are they NEW and SUPERIOR, they have ALL the upgraded features and benefits that people want! It's time to upgrade the internet and start FRESH with .LESS™ | .LES® web site extensions!


• Coming soon, more about how .LESS™ web site domains is going to drive heavy online traffic to shop, buy and click advertising from your developed web site. Domain and business owners, please do not think for one second we have overlooked "how to get consumers to your web site." Everything under our business umbrella / management is to purposely create a better internet landscape to ultimately get, capture and gain the end users time, attention, traffic, advertising clicks and online sales from your purchased .LESS™ extension. Billions and Billions are going to swap hands every year through our innovative brand.


    • Coming soon, more about all the ways you can EARN MORE by licensing a bunch of .LESS™ web site domains to your portfolio. SEO - SEO - SEO / ROI - ROI - ROI. You need a web site that consumers are going to go to first!

  • .LESS Economic Value™ - Coming soon, more about how our brand is going to be a major factor which generates new revenue streams for the economy, government, ICANN, registrars, search engines, web site owners, large and small businesses and the rest of the global economy.  

  • Coming soon, more about how we are going to SAVE you bandwidth and data transfer for your home and mobile internet service. (**Important - NO other web site extension has any technical advantage like we do!)

       • Coming soon, more about why .LES® / .LESS™ web sites will have the most sought after and valuable advertising space! Marketers - do you want more for your advertising dollar? Not only are we reconfiguring the top level domain space, we are reconfiguring advertising prices to make advertising MORE affordable and LESS expensive!


Think of the ".LESS™ domain space" as a new online canvas that provides lots of exciting opportunities for millions of people, domain name owners and online businesses to make or save money!


 See this short video for what the ".LESS" Innovation is all about. About New Top Level Domains

Check back often we are always innovating great new things!